First municipalities to enter phase 2 of the drought emergency

There are the 12 municipalities of Alt Empordà that depend on the Darnius-Boadella reservoir, which is at 11% capacity, with less than 7 hm3

The 12 Alt Empordà municipalities that depend on the Darnius-Boadella reservoir are now in emergency phase 2 due to drought, which entails further restrictions.

They are Figueres, Roses, Cadaqués, Castelló d'Empúries, Cabanes, El Far d'Empordà, Fortià, Llers, Riumors, Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Vila-sacra and Vilamalla.

Consumption drops to 180 liters per person per day. In emergency phase 2 the available liters per person per day drop from 200 to 180, including economic and commercial activities. Irrigation of private gardens is prohibited, while the public can be irrigated solely for the survival of the trees and only with reclaimed or phreatic water. As for the sports fields of federated sports, they can be irrigated with regenerated or phreatic water with equivalent conservation measures, and it is not n can use the showers. Water cannot be used to fill swimming pools, but there are exceptions: the most important is that water can be added to federated sports indoor and outdoor pools that need it. In these pools, however, neither can the showers be used without exceptions, and they must apply savings measures equivalent to the volume of water used. Therapeutic swimming pools in hospitals, residences and special education centers can be filled, and also private ones for people with behavioral disorders. All recreational or ornamental uses, such as fountains, lakes, ice rinks, foam parties, water games, etc., are prohibited, as well as using water to remove dust in suspension. You can't use the showers on the beaches either, not even to wash your feet.

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