Roses ended the cruise season with 2,535 passengers and five arrivals

ROSES / CATALONIA / SPAIN: The ports of Palamós and Roses have received 56,700 passengers on the Costa Brava for the entire 2019 season, representing an 11% increase in passenger numbers. As far as the number of arrivals is concerned, 50 were carried out, four less than in the previous season. The two ports of the Costa Brava have received 10 cruise ships together, of which 70% are luxury ships. In terms of passenger origin, 80% came from the United Kingdom, 8% from North America and 3% from Germany. According to a study by the International Association of Cruise Lines, the estimated economic value of cruise activity in this area amounted to 4.1 million euros, according to which every passenger who disembarks spends an average of 62 euros. In addition, EUR 6 per passenger will be added to the cost of the vessel as port services. The results achieved during the 2019 cruise season were achieved with the loyalty of the companies, the acquisition of new ships for Palamós and Roses and the important task of international promotion that the various institutions are tackling with the Costa Brava Cruise Ports brand of the sector. The activity, however, contributes to the seasonalization of the tourism offer, dynamically fuels the ports, the municipalities and the tourist ...

Wind tunnel Empuriabrava uses 100% renewable energy and uses as much electricity as the Camp Nou

EMPURIABRAVA / CATALONIA / SPAIN: The wind tunnel in Empuriabrava has developed into one of the most visited magnets in Empuriabrava, but also needs large amounts of electricity because of the many "airmen". At full speed, the turbines need more power than the football stadium of FC Barcelona, ​​the Camp Nou. Consumption is between 500 and 1,200 kilowatts per hour, making the wind tunnel one of the largest energy users in the town or even the entire region. One year ago, the whole system was changed and you now use 100% clean electricity, ie renewable energy. This makes the Empuriabrava wind tunnel one of the most effective in Europe in terms of construction, size and cooling system. Jordi Meseguer, director of the plant explained to the website "" that they had set themselves the goals of respecting the environment and that's why they wanted to reach a CO2 emission of 0 - and that was done. The more expensive electricity could be compensated by a slight increase in the rates for the jumpers (3-5%), but you can now enter the wind tunnel in Empuriabrava with a clear conscience. Jordi Meseguer said that consumers have the power to produce more green electricity. If everyone ordered "green electricity", electricity providers would be forced to create ...

Soon tourist train to the fortress?

FIGUERES / CATALONIA / SPAIN: The plan sounds good, but does it come true? The responsible tourism department leaders in Figueres Town Hall have come up with the idea of setting up a tourist train (as he has been doing for years in Roses), taking guests from the Casa de l'Empordà, the former slaughterhouse, to the Toy Museum and the Dalí Museum drive to the fortress of Sant Ferran at the northern exit of the city and bring it back again. The route would be almost straight ahead, as the former slaughterhouse is located at the extreme lower end of the Rambla and from there it goes straight up.

Talks with the various museums are under way. Uncertain outcome.


Reservoir Boadella-Darnius runs less water than last year

DARNIUS / CATALONIA / SPAIN: Despite the heavy rainfall this week, the Boadella-Darnius Reservoir, which is the water reservoir for the local area, has about 10 points less water than at the same time last year.

The lake was filled at the end of October 2018 to 51.61%, so this year it is only 42.54%.

The reservoir would be filled up to 61.10 Hm3, but at the moment it is only 25.00 Hm3. In the last 10 years, reserves have always been between 28.79 Hm3 and 29.13 Hm3, and the current low level also has to do with the fact that exceptionally high water was drained this fall to keep the withered areas of the Alt Empordà wet ,

There is still no reason for panic, because it can still rain all winter, but if not, you have to come up with something.


On three weekends "Action" in Roses with the "Festivalet de Roses"

ROSES / CATALONIA / SPAIN: Over the next three weekends, Roses will offer residents and visitors alike a range of events to actively participate in or simply watch or listen to.

The beginning will be made this Saturday with a "Speed Painting Competition", where everyone can participate after registration. Registrations are accepted on Saturday from 15.00 clock in the "Ca l'Anita" (at the La Sirena Square). Paintings take place at the Posta de Sol, a specially prepared stretch of beach.

Next weekend, which will be a bridge day from the 1st of November, there will be readings, concerts, walks, sightseeing and more, and on the 9th and 10th of November small scale concerts will be offered on the beach. The complete program for the next two weeks can be found next week on ARENA-Online. There are some very interesting events here.


Weekend Golf Tournament on Pitch & Putt Empuriabrava - Castelló

EMPURIABRAVA / CATALONIA / SPAIN: What most probably do not even know is a) that in Empuriabrava / Castelló there is a 70,000 square meter golf course (pitch & putt), b) where you can learn to play golf there and c) there are regular tournaments even be ranked.On the 26th and 27th of October it will happen again and you will play in the square, which is located at the entrance of the commercial area in Castelló (on the road to Sant Pere) on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the tournament. The official rules apply and an individual tournament is played (the experts know what it means).Unfortunately, we lack further information such as start time, duration, etc., but interested parties can inquire after the phone number 972 15 62 10 ...

On the night of Sunday, the clocks are reset

CATALONIA / SPAIN: Saturday night or Saturday morning (27.10.), Depending on the way of viewing and the party, the clocks will be changed again. At 3:00 o'clock it goes back to 2:00 o'clock and the consequence is, that one "wins" one hour of sleep and it is already a little lighter when getting up. The disadvantage is that it gets dark early in the afternoon and then depressive moods arise - an hour more sun or at least brightness is simply nicer. Another drawback is that some people get some kind of "sun jetlag", that is, the time change affects sleep (as the author of these lines) and you have days - albeit minor - problems with the "new" time. But again it is good that the winter time lasts only five months and from the end of March then the beautiful life starts to feel more brightness. Another one for those who just can not remember the rules of winter or summer time. Many years ago, ARENA explained this to Andi, the operator of the bar "El Rastro" in Empuriabrava: In the spring the landlord puts his tables, benches and chairs outside the shop and in autumn the whole procedure and the faded furniture come back to the ...

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